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Durham, NC 27713 US



  • "I thank Dr. Ju for his excellent care and staff members for making me feel comfortable. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised to experience the transformation from severe back pain, to the point I could not stand up straight, to feeling healthy again. I will recommend your center if anyone approaches me about chiropractic care."
    Chris M.
  • "Dr. Ju has been a lifesaver. After spending years going to different doctors trying to treat my symptoms, I finally found someone to understand and treat the cause. It has taken years to cause my problems and I have had to be patient during my rehab but I have gone from excruciating pain in my neck to feeling great and healthy. Thanks Doc!"
    Rich S.
  • "Excellent as always. Dr. Ju is the best chiropractor our family has ever had. I'm not saying others are bad. I'm just saying Dr. Ju is amazing. While he is totally schooled in other fields such as traditional chiropractic, acupuncture, etc., he choses to keep learning and use whatever methods work best even when that means moving on from many thousands of ours of experience. His current techniques are state of the art and so is his equipment. He really knows his stuff! Jerry McGlothlin"
    Gerald M.
  • "Dr. Ju is committed to you! It is evident he has a passion for helping people, accompanied by extensive knowledge, a keen eye for detail, a professional, positive attitude and a remarkable thoroughness. You are provided with a customized program suited to your needs and I would advise anyone to consult with him to take a step toward better health. I'm glad I did! So, thank you Dr. and to all the staff, which is always pleasant and personable...the best in town."
    Nate M.
  • "Dr. Ju and staff are very professional, caring and knowledgable. Dr. Ju has not only freed me from years of constant pain, but has provided corrective treatment that I feel the results of every day. Office hours are workable with just about any schedule you may have and they accommodate changes readily. The office is very clean, organized and well run, which is a very important aspect to me, as I believe it is a direct reflection on the business owner."
    Suzanne W.
  • "I have been a patient of Dr. Ju for almost 5 years. He is, by far, the best chiropractor I have seen over 15 years of seeking chiropractic care. He is extremely knowledgeable, professional, attentive and patient. He listens well, never rushes and strives to assist you with achieving your optimal health. His office staff are equally professional, kind and helpful."
    Katarina K.
  • "Strongly recommend Dr Ju and his entire Chiropractic staff!. I have been a patient of Dr Ju for approx the past 3-4 years. When I was told that the only solution was to have neck surgery with chances of sequelae, I decided to look into alternative medicine. I am glad I did. I have recovered my range of motion of my neck significantly and be able to be pain free. Certainly, I will require maintenance treatment for the rest of my life but I am happy. I can do my normal activities with no fears."
    Alessandra Alio
  • "I have never been to the chiropractor before coming to Dr. Ju. I am a medical provider myself, so I am well aware of good care when I see it! Dr. Ju is a great provider in the fact that he truly cares to see an improved lifestyle that is pain free. He goes the extra mile to make it work. It is important to keep in mind that being a patient, you must be willing to do the grunt work of daily changing lifestyle patterns to help assist in the healing process. I would recommend Dr. Ju to anyone that can appreciate his type of unique practice ensuring that all of his patients can enjoy their lives to the fullest!"
    Danielle P.
  • "I really enjoyed receiving treatment with Ju Chiropractic Wellness Center. The staff is very nice and makes you feel very welcomed. I received my treatment with little to no wait time on every appointment which is great. Dr. Ju really cares about you and does all he can to get you "back up and running again". I definitely recommend Dr. Ju! He'll take great care of you!!"
    Tameca B.
  • "Great place to feel better and get your life and heath back on track."
  • "I have been a patient of Dr Ju, since 9/2007. I am always greeted when I arrive for a treatment. And I am always reminded a day before, Also I have received excellent care for my shoulder and lower back pain . Sincerely Yours."
  • "Dr. Ju and his staff are highly knowledgable, professional, and caring. I highly recommend visiting the Wellness Center. It was life-changing for me!"
    Roberta Z.
  • "Dr Ju is so very professional and has such a passion for Chiropractic. Worked with him for years and was sad yet very happy for him to open his own office. So very proud of you and all the many you help. "Enjoy the Life""
    Kathy M.
  • "I definitely like to recommend Dr. Ju to anybody who wants to see a chiropractic doctor. I started to see Dr. Ju since 2013 August when I had severe sore of my lower back. Now my sore is under control and I still continue to see Dr. Ju once a week. He is the first chiropractic doctor I knew who can do the correction other than the adjustment to reduce the pain."
    Cathy Y.
  • "If you're experiencing any kind of back pain, neck pain, or headaches just try this type of therapy and I believe you will be as happy as I am today."
    Elleane P.
  • "Take care of yourself and your body. If you have aches and pain talk to Dr. Ju before having major operations."
    Zeabie W.
  • "I found that it is very important to maintain the treatment schedule and self-management instructions that the Chiropractor recommends once you leave the office, i.e., ice packs. Knowing though it may seem a slow process to relief of pain, Chiropractic Care will work to relieve your pain and suffering with a continued care plan that is devised to help alleviate your pain."
    Joann K.
  • "I recommend Ju Chiropractic Wellness Center very highly. They have a good staff. They know what to do."
    Rick R.
  • "I just wanted all of you to know how grateful I am to each one of you for helping me get better. No one could have been more professional. I am very impressed. You all are the only ones that could help my back at such short notice. Both times you took me in and I thank you all!"
    Shannon P.
  • "If you need help, please don't wait. You will be so glad you went to see him. This is really a hands- on treatment and it is wonderful."
    Eleanor T.
  • "If your life is restricted due to pain, give Dr. Ju a try. He made a believer out of me."
    Candace Y
  • "The Burger King slogan states "You can have it your way." I say if you want to do and feel better try the Dr. Ju way. And start being better today."
    Wllie D.
  • "Try Chiropractic Care and get to know Dr. Ju because he is certainly a pleasure to know and have as a doctor. Proven to be very caring and aware of your chiropractic needs."
    Brenda S.
  • "Chiropractic care really works, just stick with it. It took many years to get your spine in the shape that it is in now. They can fix it, just not overnight. So stick with it. You'll feel better for it."
    Debora B.
  • "If you are in pain with joint or muscle problems, see Dr. Ju, he may be able to help you as he has helped me."
    Kenneth T.
  • "Dr. Ju is the man."
    John N.
  • "Try Dr. Ju. He can fix the problem."
    Gail P.
  • "If you are in pain you need to see Dr. Ju. He will help you a lot, so you can handle life better."
    Elsie M.
  • "Dr. Ju has had a tremendous influence on my health."
    Eddy Z.
  • "Get help with early signs of pain, do not wait."
    Wayne S.
    Andrea B.
  • "If you're having any kind of pain in your body that you have to keep taking pills for try chiropractic care. It really, really works."
    Nikki B.
  • "If you have back or neck pain see a Dr. Ju."
    David W.
  • "If you had a stroke, seek care from Dr. Ju."
    Catherine W.
  • "Come and be treated at Ju Chiropractic Wellness Center."
    Calvin J.
  • "I would say consult a chiropractor first before the doctor who gives you a lot of medicine."
    Nora L.
  • "If you are in pain, get better now."
    Estelle K.
  • "If you are in pain, come see Dr. Ju at Ju Chiropractic Wellness Center. You will be glad you did."
    Tony W.
  • "Try chiropractic, it really works."
    Melvin W.
  • "Get chiropractic care and your pain will go away."
    Mabel D.
  • "To get better, go to Ju Chiropractic Wellness center."
    Brenda W.
  • "If you are in pain, come here it helps a lot."
    Cierra W.
  • "Try it! You will like it!"
    Grace O.
  • "Make sure that you come to your appointments because they will take care of you and make you feel 100% better."
    Bonnie B.
  • "See Dr. Ju for problems. He will help you to feel like a new person. I know I do."
    Mary G.
  • "Come see Dr. Ju, and see what he can do."
    Drew P.
  • "This experience has been effective for me."
    Cheryl W.
  • "Try chiropractic care if possible."
    Elizabeth H.
  • "Stick with the treatment, even after you are relieved of pain."
    Marina S
  • "Never settle for the lesser quality of life."
    Cedric G.
  • "If you're having problems or pain in your back or joints, Ju Chiropractic Wellness Center is the place for you."
    Gloria G.
  • "Be nice to yourself. Don't put off necessary treatment."
    Lota E.
  • "There is help out there, just do the treatment."
    Rhonda G.
  • "I am sitting better and walking straight."
    Melody T.
  • "My words of encouragement for others is that they should get examined, and follow the directions given them by their doctor."
    James P.
  • "A few lifestyle changes can make a lot of difference."
    Charles H.
  • "I have improvement due to continued visits to the physician."
    Douglas R.
  • "Vertebrae bad in back, go see Dr. Ju. If it can be helped he will help you. I like him very much. He is very good."
    Alben L.
  • "It's so much better than taking a bunch of medicine for pain!"
    Ellen S.
  • "If you need chiropractic help, Dr. Ju is The Best."
    Berry M.
  • "Please get help. No need to have pain when chiropractic care is available!"
    Majorie T.
  • "Give it time."
    David T.
  • "Don't keep waiting. Seek help. Go to the chiropractor before a medical doctor."
    Shelton G.
  • "If you or a member of your family has joint problems, see your friendly chiropractor."
    Harrell T.
  • "If you have pain, go to the chiropractor."
    Brittany W.
  • "If you have any pain in your back, please seek a chiropractor."
    Michael C.
  • "If you are now living with pain, don't give up. Search for a chiropractor that loves what he/she does and cares about their patients. Dr. Ju is that kind of person and can help you."
    Phil M.
  • "Chiropractic care will solve a lot of problems related to pain of the body."
    Andy M.
  • "Best days work I ever did. It is relaxing."
    Irene H.
  • "It helps a lot."
    Andrew H.
  • "Even if you don't want to go, go because it makes you feel better."
    Jackie H.
  • "To often chiropractic care is looked at as a last resort, it should be your first resort!"
    Howard Family
  • "See your chiropractor for an alignment. You don't know if it will help until you try."
    Doris R.
  • "There is hope through chiropractic care."
    Edena M.
  • "Though treatment takes time, the healing process lasts and life returns to a pre-injury status."
    Jean B.
  • "Before you have surgery on your back, go and see Dr. Ju. He probably can do wonders for you , instead of the knife."
    James W.
  • "If decompression is recommended for your back pain, consult Dr. Ju."
    Betsy B.
  • "If you think you need help. Seek it immediately."
    Frances S.
  • "Stick with it no matter how long you have to come!"
    Donna M.
  • "Take this step and see a new you!"
    Raymond J.
  • "Try Dr. Ju."
    Eula J.
  • "See Dr. Ju forever."
    Sarah D.

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Dr. Ju has been a lifesaver. After spending years going to different doctors trying to treat my symptoms, I finally found someone to understand and treat the cause. It has taken years to cause my problems and I have had to be patient during my rehab but I have gone from excruciating pain in my neck to feeling great and healthy. Thanks Doc!"
    Rich S. Durham, NC
  • "I have been a patient of Dr Ju, since 9/2007. I am always greeted when I arrive for a treatment. And I am always reminded a day before, Also I have received excellent care for my shoulder and lower back pain . Sincerely Yours."

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