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The Patient of Month

June - 2023 - Roman L.

Who's June 2023's "Patient of the Month?" Roman L.

What an amazing transformation! In just 5 months. Roman has completely changed his life for the better! 

His posture has improved dramatically, and the proof is in the pudding—the X-rays don't lie! Couple that with a fervent desire to achieve greatness, and you've got something spectacular going on! 

Ask Roman, and he'll tell you it was all thanks to the care he's received here. However, we know none of it would be possible if he wasn't doing his "homework" every day, coming to Movewell to confirm he's doing it all right, and allowing the transformation of his confidence to improve everything else. 

Congrats, Roman L! You're SUPER—jus' saiyan.

June 2023 Ju Chiropractic

May - 2023 - Garvin P.

Who's May 2023's "Patient of the Month?" Garvin P.

The force is strong with this one. It's a force to be reckoned with for sure. 

Especially because of his one and a half hour drive to and from the office, his unwavering determination to attend all of our Movewell Workshops, and, most importantly, his executive decision to take on the KyphoBrace as a daily armor.

Match that with a relentless will to learn, and you've got yourself a man with the might of a Jedi knight.

Congrats, Garvin P.

Enjoy the Life!

May the 4th be with you!!

May 2023 Ju Chiropractic

April - 2023 - Janet C.

Who's April 2023's "Patient of the Month?"  Janet C.

No joke, this patient is a problem-solver—through and through.

She came to us with questions. These were our answers—exercise, the proper supplementation to promote healing, and (in her case) the ScoliBrace. 

She made it a point to ask others who are solving their problems this way one great question—does it solve the problem. All she needed was one 'yes.' 

Our prior patient of the month gave her that 'yes.' From then on, her conviction towards making the proper changes in her life to promote health and healing prevailed over everything else.

Simply put, she made up her mind to make the change—no matter what.

And it's that conviction that has her standing tall and smiling today. 

Congrats, Janet C. You're well on your way!

April 2023 Ju Chiropractic

March - 2023 - Danielle R.

Who's March 2023's "Patient of the Month?" Danielle R.

She's more than just grateful for her care—she's grateful out loud.  In every conversation, she speaks of the reality within her journey. 

Every talk features Danielle speaking of her initial struggles, her ongoing work towards using the tools our care has giver her correctly, and how life-changing it all has been for the better.

What does it mean to be a "Patient of the Month?"  It's got to be more than just showing up every day to your appointments and following the advice of the doctor.
That shouldn't be considered a special thing—that's protocol. 

To be a "Patient of the Month" means that you've done more than just "shown" up—you've had to have "shined" up. 

Danielle R. does just that...with her testimony.

March 2023 Ju Chiropractic

February - 2023 - Slade A.

Who's February 2023's "Patient of the Month?" Slade A.

He's not so little anymore, but Slade was brought into the knowledge and application of our unique and different approach towards chiropractic care at a fairly young age.

Since then, he's grown to become an inspiring young man. He so inspiring, in fact, that he's compelled the rest of his family. They now do their exercises and Denneroll together with Slade as an example of consistency.

“The wolf shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the young goat, and the calf and the lion and the fattened calf together; and a little child shall lead them”

--Isaiah 11:6

Enjoy the Life!

Feb 2023 Ju Chiropractic Wellness Center

January - 2023 - Edward H.

Who's January 2023's "Patient of the Month?" Edward H.

We're starting the New Year right with a very special person.

Ed has been consistent in his mission to experience a healthier state of being, and he's shared his happiness along the way.

I mean look at that smile!

There's no better way to kickstart 2023 than with positive energy—much like what Ed presents.

Congrats, Ed!

Enjoy the Life!

Jan 2023

December 2022 - Linda P.

Who's December 2022's "Patient of the Month?" Linda P.

"Every. Single. Step."

That's the verbal queue we give this patient in order to stand her tallest. Who would've known that actually applies to all of us?

Linda P. came to us a few months ago stating that she's tried almost everything to heal...and that we were her last hope.

Since then, she's been healing in ways you can't believe!

She knows she still has a way to go, but Linda also knows that she'll reach that destination, standing tall...with every single step.
Those steps forward are what we'd like to call "hope."

Dec 2022

November 2022 - Melissa P.

Who's November 2022's "Patient of the Month?" Melissa P.

It's this time of year that we all tend to pay more attention to what we're all grateful for. 

Simply put, Melissa embodies that.

Everyone can tell that she's healing. We all have been watching her improve. But what strikes us the most is how grateful she seems to be for every part of her care here at Ju Chiropractic Wellness Center. 

From coming into the office up to 20 minutes early in order to make sure she beats the traffic and gets the chance to get all her exercises and tractions in, to her generally warm countenance whenever we ask her how she's doing, it's a sight to behold. 

Her gratefulness makes us feel just as grateful to help her. 

Congrats, Melissa P! 

Enjoy the Life!

Nov 2022

October 2022 - Elizabeth V.

Who's October 2022's "Patient of the Month?" Elizabeth V.

"It's alive! It's alive!!" 

She's no monster of Frankenstein, but her healing has been electrifying! It's not witchcraft--it's all because she does the work! 

From making sure her health's a priority by coming to every chiropractic appointment, to doing all her "exorcises", there's nothing stopping Elizabeth V from being the very best she can be! 

Congratulations, Elizabeth V. 

Enjoy...the life. Muhuhahahaaa!

Oct 2022

September 2022 - Holden G.

Who's September 2022's "Patient of the Month?" Holden G.

What does that "G" stand for? It stands for "Greatness." Great attendance, great participation in his healing process, great achievements. He's "Holden" onto everything he's being taught about his health and how to improve it.

He's "Holden" tight and enjoying the ride, and it shows--in every chiropractic visit and in every MoveWell class (of which he's never missed). Being inspired is one thing--being disciplined is a whole other beast. It's a beast he beats to the punch without fail.

That's success. That's the stuff greatness is made of!

Congrats, Holden--you're GOLDEN!

Enjoy the life!

Sep 2022

August 2022 - Joo Y.

Who's August 2022's "Patient of the Month?" Joo Y.

Greatness is MADE!

Simply put, this patient makes it a point and priority to come to all of his appointments, puts the work in regarding the exercises he does at home, and toughs through a few of the toughest traction setups we've ever put together. "Why," you ask? His answer's simple:

"Because I need it."

It's tough to grin and bare through traction setups that feature anywhere from FIFTY to SIXTY FIVE POUNDS placed on your neck, chin, and chest. It's no walk in the park to stop life dead in its tracks for anywhere between forty-five minutes to an hour and a half in our office each session. But THIS patient...is tougher.

Congrats, J.

Thank you and yourself for that maximum effort.

Greatness...is MADE!!

Enjoy the Life!

Aug 2022 Ju Chiropractic

July 2022 - Richard S.

Who's July 2022's Patient of the month? Richard S.

Now here's a man of integrity!

The proof is in the pudding with this guy. Simply put--nine years and still going strong. He's trusted the process for almost a decade without fail. You'll be hard-pressed to find anyone with that much discipline.

If you ask him, he'll tell you that this care has changed his life. He'll tell you that it's up to you to make your health the optimum priority. He'll tell you that is exactly what's he's done, and it shows in everything he does.

It's no longer a secret. The key to longevity is integrity. It's doing the work. It's doing your health justice every single day.

Congratulations, Champ.

Enjoy the Life!

July 2022

June 2022 - Dr. Ashe

Who's June 2022's "Patient of the Month?" 

Dr. Ashe

In a world full of people pining for popularity, there exist humble human beings that deserve to be seen. Certain people who do great things, yet do not demand a spotlight or high regard. They just do the work.

Dr. Ashe is one of those humble heroes. She does her homework when it comes to not only her care, but others she helps as a doctor as well. There is one defining instance that struck awe within our team, however--a moment when she connected the dots between our approach towards health with hers. She noticed something in the various x-ray images along our walls--their dental health seemed to deteriorate alongside their posture within the further stages! This led to a revelation that was never even thought of before! That's more than just coincidence--that's brilliance. 

Congrats, Dr. Ashe! 

You make the world around you smile! 

Enjoy the Life!

June 2022

May 2022 - Karen and Brian H.

Who's May 2022's "Patient of the Month?" Karen and Brian H. 

That's right--we've got two! 

This power couple is inseparable! 

There's no way we could only give such a prestigious award to only one of them, because the secret to their healing is their synergy.

Each holds the other accountable.

They live, love, and laugh together through it all. But the greatest attribute of this couple has got to be their humility. They are truly grateful for the care they receive. They feel great because of it, yet show their gratitude in such a humble manner, it's award-worthy. 

Congrats Brian and Karen.

We know the both of you "Enjoy the Life!"

May 2022 Ju Chiropractic

April 2022 - Alessandra T.

Who's April 2022's "Patient of the Month?" Alessandra T.

Spring is a time of blooming and growth. It's a time of brilliance and vibrancy. 

It's also a time where this patient has truly begun to shine. 

She's got a ways to go, but Alessandra is grateful for every step forward and it shows! Though incremental, every improvement she's made matters to her.

You can actually see her celebrating from the inside out.

It's that type of attitude that increases your altitude when it comes to reaching your goals--in health and life alike.

Congratulations, Alessandra!

You're well on your way to your greatest version--from millimeters to mountains!

Trust the process? Achieve the progress!

Enjoy the Life!!

April 2022

March 2022 - Paul N.

Who's March 2022's "Patient of the Month?" Paul N.

Most new patients find our unique approach towards corrective care "intense," and Paul was no exception.

He'll admit to you that it all seemed a little intimidating at first. However, he'll also share with you the secret to his success when it comes to receiving this prestigious award--trust.

He trusts the process. He comes in a little earlier each visit despite time constraints in order to make sure he gets all of his exercises and traction. He makes time to do all of the homework given to him, be it Movewell or otherwise, every single day. And, with his "tiger's eye" bead bracelet as his armor, he pushes through traction with a newfound confidence that really lets the healing in.

That's how you do it, champ!

Trust the process? Achieve the progress!

Enjoy the Life!!

March 2022

February 2022 - Calla T.

Who's February 2022's "Patient of the Month?" Calla T.

Calla's got great attendance and a positive attitude!

She takes her health very seriously, and it shows. 

Calla makes it a point to come in a full 30 minutes early every visit.  Simply put, she just can't wait to get her healing! That's a positive attitude that's tough to beat, yet easy to love. 

Congrats, Calla T. 

Enjoy the life!

Feb 2022

January 2022 - William M.

Who's January 2022's "Patient of the Month? William M.

If there is one word that could describe this guy, it would be 'perseverance.'

Simply put, no matter what, he makes a way to get here.

Work conflicts? He'll change the time, but not the day.

Traffic? He lets us know his ETA, but also lets us know he will absolutely make it here.

Hurting? He knows he comes here for his healing. He gets it!

Because of that unbreakable will, we give you honor with this award.

Congrats, "William," for always seeing it through!

Jan 2022

December 2021 - Kazuki S.

Who's December 2021's "Patient of the Month?" Kazuki S.

Every once in a while, we come across a person who's so reserved that it stands out--a man or woman of few words who puts in a lot of work.

This month, we celebrate such a person. Kazuki S speaks through his actions. He's got nearly perfect attendance. He does all of his "homework," which results in his posture's improvement. He seizes each day as an opportunity to get better, and it shows. You could say he's quiet, but we say his actions speak louder than any words.

Congrats, Kazuki S.

You're leading your way to your best version.

Enjoy the Life!

Dec 2021

November 2021 - Melanie N.

Who's November 2021's "Patient of the Month?" Melanie N.

Melanie's one of those patients who truly understands the power of chiropractic, as well as its purpose. It's much more than just the neck and back--it's your health and quality of life. 

She's proven that by making sure that she's not the only one who receives our passionate approach towards correctional care. As a matter of fact, Melanie has secured quality correctional care for herself as well as her whole family! 

It's the most patient referrals from a single patient we've seen to date. It's that type of light that needs to shine through all of us--now more than ever.

Congrats Melanie! 

Enjoy the life!

Nov 2021

October 2021 - Matia G.

Who's October 2021's "Patient of the Month?" Matia G.

per·se·ver·ance /ˌpərsəˈvirəns/

persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

Despite life "happening," Matia has nearly perfect attendance. Regardless of how tough traction is, she pushes through with eyes on the prize--her healing. She's even shared her passion for music by greatly contributing to our in-office playlists. Why? Because she knows that music heals us, too. It's that passion and perseverance that does it for us. 

People tend to misspell 'perseverance' when asked to do so. Here at Ju Chiropractic, its proper spelling is only five letters--M.A.T.I.A. 

Enjoy the Life.

Oct 2021

September 2021 - Ke W.

Who's September 2021's "Patient of the Month?"  Ke W.

Here at Ju Chiropractic Wellness Center, we pride ourselves on the foundation of true, objective evidence of your healing. Our pillars are proof and precision. For some, our approach is so unique and different, it's intimidating at first. Once here, however, most realize that our shelter in place features the feeling of family. Because of that, our patients feel like family. Ke "Will" W. is one who's welcomed here, and it shows. 

Ke was nervous at first. However, in time, he began to get that feeling of family. And once he truly received that, Ke began to open up and, dare I say it, stand out. 

You'll be hard pressed to find a "hello" as heart-warming as his. The way he shares his day-to-day--complete with laughs along the way--feels like family. He gets it. Because of that, he's getting more than just health--he's getting a little bit of home here.

Congrats, Ke. We'll always know you...as "Will."

Sep 2021

August 2021 - Fatara M.

Who's August 2021's "Patient of the Month?" Fatara M.

Sometimes, we are in the midst of diamonds in the rough. All they need is the right care to curate their greatness and, when ready, their time to shine. Fatara is the embodiment of this concept.

Learning so many new exercises was, at first, difficult. Doing the homework via the Movewell Mobility Kit wasn't an easy task. Wearing a ScoliBrace had its challenges.

But she kept pressing forward. She persevered visit after visit because she was determined to improve her overall health. It takes pressure to make diamonds.

Fatara took those challenges head-on. Because of that, she shines today. Congratulations, Fatara.

You're our Patient of the Month for being the most improved.

Keep shining!

Patient of Month Aug 2021

July 2021 -  Robin K.

Who's July 2021's "Patient of the Month?" Robin. K.

Honesty is the best policy but, let's be honest, most people don't follow it. There are some, however, who live their honesty through-and-through, unapologetically. Rarer still lies an anomaly of human being that transcends past mere honesty and soars toward integrity--who do what's right even when they think no one's watching. 

Robin K. is that kind of human being. We see it in her improving posture. We hear it in her voice when she shares her process of progress with us. We feel it in her presence. And dare we say it, if more people approached their health, wellness, and way of life with such integrity, the world would be warmer. 

Congrats, Robin K. 

Your integrity is more than just appreciated--it's honored here. 

July 2021

June 2021 -  Alice C.

Who's June 2021's "Patient of the Month?" Alice C.

She's got nearly perfect attendance. She's a fervent participant of our Movewell Workshops, which occur twice a month. She's got an energetic attitude. But that's not why she's getting this award. 

Alice C. earned this award for her unrelenting, selfless effort to get someone she knew that needed our care into our office. 

From her recommendation, to helping the potential patient with his application due to English not being his first language, to even sitting with him in the report of finding room for support, Alice has truly shown what it means to mean the best for people around her. It absolutely warms our hearts when we're able to witness such selfless acts of kindness and care. 

Congrats, Alice! 

May that caring and kind energy come back to you ten-fold!

June 2021

May 2021 -  Teresa S.

Who's May 2021's "Patient of the Month?"  Teresa S.

"Do, or do not. There is no try." -- Yoda

The force is strong with this one--"life force" that is! 

Teresa's been coming for corrective care for only three months, and she's already improving. She's got perfect attendance, participates enthusiastically in our Movewell Workshops every two weeks, and mindfully takes everything she learns home to continue the healing. That adds up to not only better physical functionality, but energy as a whole. Teresa makes it all look easy, but it's hard work. It takes an unrelenting dedication to bettering yourself to get there. Quite simply, she's proven it can be done. 

Congrats, Teresa S. 

May the fourth be with you!

May 2021

April 2021 -  Anne H.

Who's April 2021's "Patient of the Month?" Anne H.

This month, we want to put the spotlight on the exuberant experience that is Anne H!

Here at Ju Chiropractic Wellness Center, we know that positive energy heals. 

It's evident that Anne knows this fact, because she brings that kind of energy into the office every visit. 

Her appreciation for every exercise, every adjustment, and every traction setup adds that much more to her healing process--and it shows! 

You can see it in her eyes, and feel it in the warmth of her smile. 

Just "peep" that positivity!

Apr 2021

March 2021 -  Lucas W.

Who's March 2021's "Patient of the Month?" Lucas W.

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the month of March? 

For some, it's the slow change in the weather that transitions us from winter to spring. 

For others, it's celebrating St. Patrick's Day. 

For us here at Ju Chiropractic Wellness Center, it's all about giving honor to this guy! 

He's got perfect attendance, and it shows with amazing results with his chiropractic care. 

His presence in the office is top-shelf as well--complete with an incredible sense of humor. 

Laughter heals, and his daily dose of jokes add a unique feeling to the office that we truly enjoy. 

Congratulations, Lucas W! 

Your personality's a pot of gold. Cheers!

Mar 2021

February 2021 - Rebecca R.

Who's February 2021's "Patient of the Month?" Rebecca R.

"Consistency is key, but there are many locks. You have to break those. Perseverance does that." --unknown

This month's award goes to one who defines such perseverance.
You see and feel her purpose from the moment she walks through the door. Her purpose speaks in a stern whisper that says," I am healing today." Trust us when we say her actions speak much louder. By participating fervently in our Movewell Workshop, she's learned more about helping herself to heal than she's ever imagined.

It inspires her to dig deeper into every session, complete with in-depth questions about how she can uniquely achieve success.

For Rebecca, health is the greatest success.

For us, that mentality...is ours.

Enjoy the Life.

Feb 2021

January 2021 - Benjamin B.

Who's January 2021's "Patient of the Month?" Benjamin B!

This year's recipient of the "Patient of the Month" award goes to a man I'd like to call a "Polite POWERHOUSE." 

He's living proof that the difference between 'reserve' and 'resolve' begins with a little push. 

He received that push during a Movewell Workshop session. That push turned into a realization for him--he has absolute power over the future of his functionality. 

Since that realization, he's turned that power into perseverance with the Movewell program. Coupled with his in-office chiropractic care, he's progressed a great deal. It's enough to blow your mind. 

Congrats, Benjamin B. You're the bomb! Enjoy the life.

Jan 2021

December 2020 - Sara W.

Who’s December 2020’s “Patient of the Month?” Sara W!

Usually, we present this award to those who have shown something out of the ordinary. 

For our last Patient of the Month for the year 2020, we found ourselves looking at something totally different. 

This month, we looked within ourselves. We asked the question,” Who’s the one person that, for whatever reason, seems to be missed when they’re not around?”  

The answer was simple—Sara. Can’t quite put our finger on it, but she’s someone whose presence brightens your day. 

Guess you could say her presence…is a gift. 

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Ju Chiropractic Wellness Center. 

Enjoy the Life!

Dec 2020

November 2020 - Marissa L.

Who’s November 2020’s “Patient of the Month?” Marissa L!

To keep it short and sweet, Marissa has fantastic results from the care she’s received here. 

The exercise, adjustments, and unique traction setups help everyone who set foot into our office.

However, there’s something special about Marissa—she’s truly happy about her change as it’s happening!

Some need to be at the destination to be happy about the result. Marissa enjoys the journey.

You can actually tell how thankful she is. That’s special. That’s what makes all of us here happy. And that’s why she gets this month’s award.

Congrats, Marissa L.

Enjoy the Life!

Nov 2020

October 2020 - Erin B.

Who's October 2020's "Patient of the Month?" Erin B!

This month, we celebrate one of our most thrilling patients. 

She’s determined to see her healing through by any means necessary, and it shows! 

From her dedication to nearly perfect attendance, to her daily commitment to Movewell exercises, to a progression of traction so good it’s scary, Erin B’s got it all! 

Congrats, Erin! Enjoy…the life. 


Oct 20

September 2020 - Scott B.

Who's September 2020's "Patient of the Month?" Scott B!

When we told Scott that he was September's "Patient of the Month," he was shocked. "Why?" he asked.

He had no idea how much we value his dedication to the healing process, his nearly perfect attendance, and his enthusiastic participation at the Movewell Workshops until that moment. 

But that's not all! To date, he is the first patient to ever request another 12-week Movewell progress report card!

What has us grinning from ear the ear was how he asked for it. He simply said,"My healing's just begun."

It surely warms the heart to hear a patient own their journey towards a healthier, happier life.

Thank you for that warmth, Scott.

Congratulations, and "Enjoy the Life!"

Sep 20

August 2020 - Aaron G. 

Who’s August 2020’s “Patient of the Month?” Aaron G!

Vroom, vroom! This man is revved up and ready to roll! This athlete/biker comes into the office with expecting to succeed in the mastery of his own body, and digs deep into every challenge along the way.

He’s been dedicating each and every day to his Movewell exercises. 

He attends our Movewell workshops. But what makes him extra special is his invigorating enthusiasm towards traction! Nine times out of ten, if you hear the expression “Mmm hmph!” somewhere in the office, it’s HIM!

When recently asked about his will to accept the “challenge of traction,” his reply was golden. He said,”It’s not a challenge. It’s a blessing.” That high-energy ALTITUDE is the key to progressing through the process. It’s his key to success that he turns into the ignition every visit.

Congrats, Aaron G! You’re winning the race!

Aug 2020

July 2020 - Cheryl B.

Who's July 2020's "Patient of the Month?"

Cheryl B!

In a world where N-95 masks are worn in uniform, this patient managed to stand out.

How did she do it? One word—“will.”

Cheryl B. sees more than mere value in our services. What she sees is an opportunity for true, life-changing work. With that, she takes the challenge head-on in order to change herself for the better. The road’s rough, but she has the drive. It’s packed with tons of homework in the form of daily exercises and a particularly trying traction, but she’s determined and has claimed her breakthrough.

When there’s a will, there’s a way. Make way for Cheryl B!

Jul 2020

April 2020 - You!!

That’s right—ALL OF YOU!!

Simply put, all of you matter—especially during this time! 

We thank you for your patience with our current sanitization and social distancing protocols! 

We thank you for following your Doctor’s recommendations (and your body thanks you, too)! 

But most of all, we thank you for getting your exercise, adjustments, and traction to keep your nervous systems strong during COVID-19. 

Stay safe out there and, as always…ENJOY THE LIFE!

April 2020

March 2020 - Guglielmo S.

Who’s March 2020’s “Patient of the Month?”

Guglielmo S!

We know him as “William!” If we could give only one word to describe March 2020’s “Patient of the Month,” it would have to be FORTE.

That’s Italian for STRONG! It’s synonymous with tough.

We say that because William is tough--on himself!

From scheduling his appointments a full THIRTY DAYS OUT, to demanding correctives for every exercise, to taking traction setups to the highest intensity, “William” means business.

For that, we salute him. GODERA LA VITA!

That’s Italian for…ENJOY THE LIFE!

March 2020

February 2020 - Brittany A.

Who’s February 2020’s “Patient of the Month?”  Brittany A!

Oh, how we love Brittany A! Let us all count the ways!

For starters, Brittany is a high advocate of not only chiropractic care, but she’s also frequents our weekly Movewell Workshops!

She’s even created a chart at home to help her keep up! 

She’s learning a lot about functional movement and its significance when it comes to living a higher quality of life, and it shows!

The amount of dedication it takes to be not only a new patient, but a new mom, is colossal. However, she does it all! 

How? By coming to the realization that it’s all for her benefit. 

Simply put, when you’ve got a working plan to win, there’s no way you can lose. 

Your attitude’s at high-altitude, Brittany A, and we love that you like it that way! 


Feb 2020

January 2020 - Donna D. 

Who's January 2020's "Patient of the Month?"  Donna D!!

Without a doubt, Donna gets all A's when it comes to chiropractic care. From her desire to enjoy a better quality of life to her dedication towards every exercise and traction given her way, 

Donna's done it all! 

Great attendance, a 'let's do it' attitude to traction, and a fervent "Movewell Workshop" attendee! What more could we ask for?

Congrats, Donna. You're well on your way to greatness. 

Our first "Patient of the Month" in the year 2020 surely has the vision!

Jan 2020

December 2019 - Hope L. 

And the last "Patient of the Month" award for the year 2019 goes to??
The definition of tenacity is," The quality or fact of being able to grip something firmly."
Hope holds that fact in her hands. Hope and her family knew she needed a change--a holistic one. Not all change is easy. 

Takes a lot to correct the curve of any patient. But for a preteen who has to wear a ScolioBrace while going to school, commit to corrective postural exercise at home, and spend up an hour and a half in weekly tractions, she deserves more than just a "pat on the back" and a "good job" -- she deserves an award. 

Dec 2019

November 2019 - Carmen S. 

Who’s November 2019’s “Patient of the Month?” Carmen S!

She doesn’t just walk into our office—she dances her way in! 

Yes, literally! 

On top of having nearly perfect attendance, she doubles up her appointments to make sure she stays right on track despite travel! 

Carmen has also vowed to take her health into her own hands with our MoveWell Home Mobility Kit and interactive workshops! 

That’s a win-win-win! Congrats, Carmen. 

From the very beginning, your passion to move has moved us all. 

Enjoy the life!

Nov 2019

October 2019 - Gina and Rebecca B. 

Who’s October 2019’s “Patient of the Month?” 

Gina and Rebecca B!! That’s right, it’s a tie! 

There’s no way we could choose between the two—as they are mother and daughter! Together, it’s their dedication that makes them the winning team! 

They drive almost 2 HOURS to come here for their A.M. Chiropractic appointments, and haven’t skipped a beat. 

Once the dynamic duo are here, they spend close to 1 HOUR in the office for exercise/adjustment/traction! Then? They drive all the way BACK. When asked about this amount of dedication, their answer flows freely:

“We want the best care!” Enough said. 

Congratulations Gina and Rebecca B!! 

Enjoy the life!

Oct 2019

September 2019 - Elizabeth C. 

This month’s “Patient of the Month” award goes to yet another quiet conqueror of the curve! 

We at Ju Chiropractic Wellness Center felt the absolute NEED to highlight Elizabeth C. Why? 

Simple--her dedication. She’s making all of her sessions despite a very busy workload, and that deserves such commendation. 

She deserves the healing she’s fighting for. She deserves that amazing smile we’re so happy to see because she’s winning that fight—despite the difficulties of dealing with travel while wearing a ScolioBrace for hours and triumphing through intense traction. Because of her hard work, she’s well on her way towards enjoying her life better. 

Without question, as you’re reading this, you also deserve to enjoy YOUR life better. However, the question Elizabeth C. might ask you would be,”Are you willing to fight for it?”

Sep 2019

August 2019 - Jane G. 

This woman is living proof that curiosity actually CURES the cat! 

What started off as a curious inquiry about our unique method of chiropractic care turned into healing for this incredible woman! 
What makes her incredible? One word—“drive.” 
Ever since her first experience here at the wellness center, Jane’s been surprising herself with how much more she’s “enjoying the life!” 
From realizing increases in her mobility to attending music concerts void of pain and discomfort, Jane G. knows and truly shows the healing power of chiropractic on a daily basis! 
It’s a genuine energy she aspires everyone to experience—including you! So why wait another day? 
Come on in, join Jane G., and get your healing! ENJOY THE LIFE!!

Aug 2019

July 2019 - Dwight M. 

This man sure is standing tall! 

That’s because he’s worked so hard since becoming a patient here at Ju Chiropractic Wellness Center to not only change his posture, but truly change his life! 

From losing 30 lbs since his first visit, to literally being taken off of blood pressure medications, Dwight has a tried-and-true testimony thanks to chiropractic care. 

Clothed in a cool-as-a-cucumber attitude, a smooth stride, and a passionate aspiration to become his greatest version, this man is a parable the likes of which we should all allow ourselves to be inspired. 

Congrats, Dwight! ENJOY THE LIFE!!

Jul 2019

June 2019 - Ivanna A.

Ivanna’s quite the anomaly, and that’s what makes her so special! 

She possesses more than just a positive attitude—she’s in a higher altitude! Her laugh convinces you to do the same, and the rapport she has with everyone—be it staff or patient—truly warms your heart and lets you know you’re in the right place! 
It’s been a while since we’ve seen a patient with such attention to every detail of their care. 
Ivanna jots down every nook and cranny of her chiropractic care—every exercise, traction setup, and exam—in her personal journal! 
Her dedication and participation are all we could ever ask for in a patient! As a matter of fact? That’s all we could ever ask in anyone. 
Congrats, Ivanna. ENJOY THE LIFE!!

Jun 2019

May 2019- Seung Y.

In a world where the loudest seem to be the only ones heard or seen, we at Ju Chiropractic Wellness Center take pride in showing that the perseverant and poised are voiced. 

Such is this month’s revered patient, Seung Y. 

No matter how much is ordered for her corrective care, she takes it all in quiet stride. She’s seen results and realizes that this work is worth it. 

So much so, that she’s brought in her own son to the office for corrective care. 

With this month being one in which we celebrate mothers everywhere, what better person to highlight right here! 

Congrats, Seung Y! ENJOY THE LIFE!!

May 2019

April 2019 - Jack and Joseph A.

Yep, you heard that right—TWO INSTEAD OF ONE!! 

There’s no way we could ever separate such greatness! 
These identical twins have a lot in common, but the greatest is their matching state of mind when it comes to chiropractic care! 

Both utilize the state-of-the-art ScoliBrace as a means for correctional care for the spine. Both wear it for close to 22 HOURS A DAY! 

But the best thing is that they’re BOTH REACHING OPTIMUM RESULTS!! Add to that their positive attitudes, and you’ve got yourself not ONE, but TWO WINNERS!!! 
Congrats, guys. ENJOY THE LIFE!

Apr 2019

March 2019 - Maribel A.

For this month’s award recipient, being here at Ju Chiropractic Wellness Center was more than just a feeling—it was an all-out fight for her pain to be fully understood. Due to Spanish being her first and most predominant language, each and every detail of her care—in both giving and receiving information—had to be interpreted. However, her true belief that this office was the best place to come helped Maribel persevere. Because of that, she’s not only learned how her body can change for the better, but she’s put it all into action. Her improvement shows this beyond any speculation. But what really makes this woman stand out is the fact that she brings family into it—complete with husband in tow every step of the way. Congrats, Maribel! Keep that fight, that faith, and that family with you always. ENJOY THE LIFE!! 

Mar 2019

February 2019 - Steve P.

Steve has a true passion—physical and metaphysical care. 

Understanding the “life force” within his body was in need of improvement for a better quality of life brought him to the office. 

Since then, Steve’s energy has improved greatly. 
He’s embraced the process with patience, is enjoying the progress through his passion, and makes every effort to be a participatory factor in forging his greatest version. 
Congrats, Steve P! ENJOY THE LIFE!!

Feb 2019

January 2019 - Parker E.

This guy is no stranger to holistic care! 

Not only is he a dedicated practitioner of Yoga, he’s also a Ju Chiropractic Wellness Center “Lifetime Health Club” member! 
This is because he’s made the choice to continue his care past the corrective stage in order to maintain his progress! 
Traveling the world over does not stop this man from coming to the office at LEAST twice a month! 
That’s longevity and love for his healing! 
Not to mention the fact that he lives and loves through laughter! 
That kind of lighthearted spirit is healing just the same! 
Congrats, Parker E! You’re our FIRST Patient of the Month of 2019!

Jan 2019

December 2018 - Joshua G.

If he had to be summed up into a single word, Joshua G. truly is…a gift. Joshua’s consistency with home care shines through by way of the results he’s gifted himself. 

Equipped with the revolutionary “ScoliBrace,” Josh has dedicated himself to a whopping 8-10 HOURS OF TRACTION PER DAY! 
On top of that, his courage helped to push him forward every step of the way through the MOST INTENSE HARDCORE FUNCTIONALITY CLASS OF THE YEAR! It was ONE-ON-ONE for an ENTIRE HOUR! 

This alone is living proof that Joshua wants to do more than merely “survive”—he wants to THRIVE! Combine that with a charisma that pushes everyone around him towards their greatness, and you’ve got a winner! 

Congrats, Joshua G! WE SALUTE YOU!!

Dec 2018

November 2018 - Michael R.

This man has what we’ve coined as “relentless resolve.”  What do we mean by that? We mean that he means BUSINESS. 

He powers through in order to prove the point that chiropractic care is not just ONE way towards his healing—IT’S THE ONLY WAY! 

MICHAEL knows that healing is as healing does, and that healing comes by degrees. 
Though the road is tough, he knows he’s TOUGHER! 

CONGRATS, MIKE. Your relentless resolve will keep you AHEAD OF THE CURVE well beyond your years!

Nov 2018

October 2018- Suzanne R.

This month, we are showcasing a truly triumphant woman. 

Ever since her first treatment, Suzanne’s reported vast improvements in just about every facet of her daily life!  

Trust in the healing process has compelled Suzanne to make her chiropractic appointments top priority AND IT SHOWS! 

Just LOOK at that SMILE!! 

On top of that, she’s also been a fervent participant in the office’s HARDCORE FUNCTIONALITY class held each month, which helps boost Suzanne’s energy into overdrive. 

Ask her and she’ll tell you without hesitation how much her life has changed for the better due to our wellness center. 

A high altitude attitude like that DESERVES AN AWARD! Congrats, Suzanne! You’re a star!

Oct 2018

September 2018 - Steve R.

Now here’s a gentle giant that’s never met a stranger! 

No matter what, Steve has remained dedicated to his care. 
Steve realizes that his wellness care keeps him on his toes when it comes to old habits, encourages new ones and, thus, improves his quality of life by the thousands! 
His overall improvement shows that he’s been holding himself accountable by keeping up with his appointments, as well as committing the time to Denneroll each day. 
But what we love the most is his striking personality that has everyone in the office, be it patient or staff, feeling like family! 
Congrats Steve! You’re electric!

Sep 2018

August 2018 - Karen B.

Sometimes, the modest light makes its way into being seen as the brightest star. This woman is, without a doubt, that light! 

She’s consistent with her chiropractic care with a nearly PERFECT attendance record! 

She’s patient, and it shows from her steady progression in regards to her posture and improving her quality of life. 
She’s quiet but, ironically, it’s her calmness that excites us! 
Congratulations Karen B on your success thus far. 

You’re truly an inspiration in this office!

Aug 20108

July 2018 - Susan I.

Wanna know what’s great about Susan I? EVERYTHING! 

From her laugh that coerces you to laughter, to her love for pets, to her progress through chiropractic care, she’s AMAZING! 
Embracing the change, she’s adjusted her schedule to ensure she makes all of her appointments. 
By putting her trust and full energy into the exercise-adjustment-traction principle, Susan has improved not only her posture, but her balance and immunity as well! 
No doubt about it, Susan I. definitely has shown what it takes to stay “ahead of the curve” with true integrity. 
Congrats, Susan!!

JUl 2018

June 2018 - Nicole M.

A proud Vegan, she’s got quite the health consciousness! 

This patient found out what we could do to help her through Chiropractic care and, from day one, she was ALL IN! 
Despite work schedule, she’s made it a point to come to every appointment! Nicole truly knows the impact that makes towards healing. 

However, she’s also come to realize how much hard work it takes to change the curve. 

SHE’S BEEN ON ALMOST EVERY TRACTION DEVICE IN THE OFFICE, but she knows the results are well worth the work. 

Her “whatever it takes” attitude is the reason why she’s succeeding. Congratulations, Nicole M – your trust in the process continues the progress!!!

Jun 2018

May 2018 - Brian W.

Brian has the determination and drive to stay “ahead of the curve” when it comes to his chiropractic care! 

Regardless of his busy work schedule, he’s shown due diligence towards making every appointment each week in order to empower his body with proper alignment. 
His progress thus far speaks for itself, but know that you’re a handshake away from having such testimony of the CBP system spoken passionately. 
Congratulations, Brian W. 
You are well on your way towards a healthier, happier life. Enjoy!

May 2018

April 2018 - Sabrina J.

Clothed in a nurturing spirit, Sabrina is definitely a big part of our office! Her patience with the process and love for the progress of chiropractic care shines through her smile whenever she’s here. 

A proactive person of poise and compassion for herself and others, Sabrina has on more than one accord taken the initiative towards helping others through exercise and positivity. 
We’ve seen her beside new patients helping them with wobble chair and power plate exercises, as well as talk to people about the power of chiropractic by her own testimony. 
And surely, to hear her laugh will keep anyone storming through rainy days to find their sunshine. 

Apr 2018

March 2018 - Youngli Y.

An optimistic outlook on life is integral if you want to receive the healing that’s here for you, and Youngli Y definitely has it! 

And it shows! 

She’s had a huge improvement in regards to her posture and overall functionality, and is eager to continue the process towards becoming her best version. 
Though quiet, she’s living proof that actions speak louder than words—especially when it comes to healing!

Mar 2018

February 2018 - Janet H.

Want to hear someone who speaks high praises about chiropractic, look no further! 

She has that energy that takes a stand and says, “I can, and I WILL!” Since coming to the office, she’s referred multiple people to our care. 

On top of that, all of her advances in chiropractic care via exercise and traction have come BY HER REQUEST! 
Before we even began to add to her care, she already  started ASKING FOR MORE! This is the high altitude type of attitude that allows healing energy IN!! 
If you EVER need inspiration to push through the process towards your progress, JANET’S YOUR BEST BET!!

Feb 2018

January 2018 - Roger G.

Armed with a strong handshake and a positive attitude, this man means business! 

He truly understands the value of chiropractic care—to the point where he’s made it his highest priority. 

Roger has shown on multiple occasions that his work comes second to his health, as he’s rescheduled projects in order to make it in the office! 
Every time we’ve hinted about a new traction setup, his response has always been, “Bring it on!” 
Need inspiration? Want to learn how to keep your eyes on the prize? Keep your eyes on THIS guy!

Jan 2018

December 2017 - Marie B.

You want a powerhouse to look up to? 

Marie is definitely the one to see! 

Armed with more stride, swing, and sway due to her chiropractic care. Marie truly knows the benefit of the holistic approach towards being “ahead of the curve!” 

She has thoroughly proven through her improved posture and functionality how important it is to continue the work of wellness through home care. 


She’s also never missed a single appointment. 

If inspiration’s what you need, MARIE B. is your source, INDEED!

Dec 20017

November 2017 - Katie G.

This patient was passionate at heart from the very start! 

With only 30 days under her belt, she’s the newest patient who’s achieved this prestigious award in the shortest amount of time! 

This is because her genuine passion to learn the power of chiropractic care has brought her to every seminar. 

She has even referred people in need of our help--which have resulted in more patients! 

Simply put, Katie G. is on fire and more than ready to inspire!

Nov 20107

October 2017 - Robert S.

Though he’s only been receiving treatment for a short period of time, it’s quite apparent that Robert has a genuine desire to heal. 

With exercise and traction spanning the entire office, Robert’s truly “ahead of the curve!” 

He’s got a great smile, and welcomes humor throughout his visit as a means to channel happiness and promote a healthier life!

Congrats, Robert S! You’re one of the very best!

Oct 2017

September 2017 - Yakup Y.

What an incredible kid this is! 

He’s not only our youngest “Patient of the Month”, 

but he’s earned this award, tried and true, 

for a very specific reason:

He learned how to set up his own Denneroll traction! 

On top of that, he’s got the strong-willed determination to win, 

as he’s been asking all month how to earn this prestigious title! 

His mother, complete with tears of joy, is happy that he will not have to wear the brace due to his consistency, and we are, too!

Sep 2017

August 2017 - Chris C.

Armed to the teeth with a great smile, a determination to heal, and his trademark, blueberry-flavored mouthguard.

Chris is ready for a whole new world of healing!

Not only has he been diligent in his progress towards following the healing process, he’s currently in possession of one of the best “5 point” postures in the office! 

Without a doubt, Chris is well deserving of such an honor!

Aug 2017

July 2017 - Courtney M. and Stephani C.

Our July Patient of the Month? We have a tie!

We, honestly, couldn’t decide which one to pick between these two!

They’re both true believers in the healing process that takes place here in the office!

They’ve both worked tirelessly to organize and maintain their treatments, and are always looking forward to the “next move” each week!

When it comes to being leaders in the race towards the best versions of themselves, these two are “neck and neck” and tough to beat!

Jul 2017

June 2017 - William L.

William is charismatic and makes the office welcoming, fun and dynamic!

He so outgoing that if you've been in the office while he's here I'm sure he's spoken to you!

Perseverance is a virtue and William embodies sticking with it - he shows up and puts the work in even with his children in tow!

And William is accountable, there are no excuses, he does what needs to be done when it needs to be done.

Having William in the office brings a sense of joy to all around. He's like a big kid coming to the playground!

Jun 2017

May 2017 - Sungsoon  'Susan' L.

Susan always enters the office with a smile!

She is kind and sweet to all.

She has been coming to maintain her health for awhile and brings a sense of serenity to the office.

We love seeing Susan and enjoy her soft, friendly demeanor.

May 2017

April 2017 - Devarshi P.

Devarshi is dependable, optimistic, vibrant and inquisitive!

All qualities that make a great patient.

We love patients that come to all their appointments with a great attitude, are involved and want to know how and why their treatments plans are working!

Seeing you continue to work hard for your phenomenal results is inspiring!

Apr 2017

March 2017 - Callie W.

Callie never fails to exceed expectations.

She is faithful – her faith is an important component to her incredible spirit and her faithfulness to her treatment is helping to regain her health!

Callie, congratulations on being named Patient of the Month and continue to achieve all your goals!

March 2017

February 2017 - Shawn B.

Shawn is awesome in so many ways it's hard to pick just a few attributes to share!

She is dedicated - always keeping her appointments and doing all the hard work to continue to heal and be healthy!

She is joyful - her laugh is contagious and guaranteed to brighten everyone's day!

February 2017 - Shawn B.

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